Biochemical identification
Kauffman-White scheme (Salmonella)
Lancefield grouping (Streptococcus)
Admin's notes
* Using this software requires advanced knowledge and skills in the
microbiology domain. Young researchers, beginners or students should
ask for the guidance of a senior microbiologist or a teacher,otherwise they
may get questionable results.

* ABIS online is a laboratory tool for bacterial identification based on
morphological and biochemical characters. Identification results are only
informative and are not intended to be an official point of view. We are
trying to keep up with the Approved Lists of Bacterial Names changes and
regularly update the databases.

* Metabolic characters of the microorganisms may vary inside species,
therefore not fully matching the identification patterns. Do not entirely trust
biochemical identification; check ABIS Encyclopedia for cultural and
phenotypical characters, ecology and pathogenicity data before making a
final decision.

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