Genus Pseudomonas
Pseudomonas (Comamonas / Delftia) acidovorans
Pseudomonas aeruginosa
Pseudomonas agarici
Pseudomonas alcaligenes
Pseudomonas alcaliphila
Pseudomonas amygdali  (see P. syringae)
Pseudomonas anguilliseptica
Pseudomonas antarctica
Pseudomonas antimicrobica (Burkholderia gladioli)
Pseudomonas argentinensis
Pseudomonas arsenicoxydans *
Pseudomonas asplenii
Pseudomonas avellanae  (see P. syringae)
Pseudomonas azotifigens *
Pseudomonas azotoformans *
Pseudomonas borbori
Pseudomonas boreopolis *
Pseudomonas balearica  (see P. stutzeri)
Pseudomonas brassicacearum
Pseudomonas brenneri
Pseudomonas caeni *
Pseudomonas carboxydohydrogena *
Pseudomonas cannabina
Pseudomonas caricapapayae *
Pseudomonas cedrina
Pseudomonas chloritidismutans  (see P. stutzeri)
Pseudomonas chlororaphis
Pseudomonas cichorii
Pseudomonas cissicola *
Pseudomonas citronellolis
Pseudomonas cocovenenans (moved to Burkholderia gladioli)
Pseudomonas congelans
Pseudomonas corrugata
Pseudomonas costantinii
Pseudomonas cremoricolorata
Pseudomonas cuatrocienegasensis *
Pseudomonas delhiensis
Pseudomonas duriflava
Pseudomonas extremaustralis *
Pseudomonas extremorientalis
Pseudomonas ficuserectae  (see P. syringae)
Pseudomonas flavescens
Pseudomonas flectens *
Pseudomonas fluorescens
Pseudomonas fragi
Pseudomonas frederiksbergensis
Pseudomonas fulva / parafulva
Pseudomonas fuscovaginae
Pseudomonas gelidicola *
Pseudomonas geniculata  (see P. fluorescens)
Pseudomonas gessardii
Pseudomonas gladioli (moved to Genus Burkholderia)
Pseudomonas graminis
Pseudomonas grimontii
Pseudomonas guineae
Pseudomonas halophila *
Pseudomonas indica
Pseudomonas japonica
Pseudomonas jessenii *
Pseudomonas jinjuensis
Pseudomonas kilonensis
Pseudomonas kanckmussii *
Pseudomonas koreensis
Pseudomonas lemoignei
Pseudomonas libanensis
Pseudomonas lini
Pseudomonas lundensis
Pseudomonas lurida
Pseudomonas lutea
Pseudomonas (Chriseomonas) luteola
Pseudomonas mallei (moved to Genus Burkholderia)
Pseudomonas mandelii *
Pseudomonas marginalis  (see P. fluorescens)
Pseudomonas marginata  (see P. antimicrobica)
Pseudomonas marincola
Pseudomonas meliae    (see P. syringae)
Pseudomonas mediterranea  (see P. corrugata)
Pseudomonas mendocina
Pseudomonas meridiana
Pseudomonas migulae
Pseudomonas mohnii
Pseudomonas moorei
Pseudomonas monteilii  (phenotipically close to P. putida)
Pseudomonas moraviensis
Pseudomonas mosselii
Pseudomonas mucidolens
Pseudomonas nitroreducens (multiresinivorans)
Pseudomonas oleovorans (P. pseudoalcaligenes)
Pseudomonas orientalis *
Pseudomonas (Flavimonas) oryzihabitans
Pseudomonas otitidis
Pseudomonas pachastrellae
Pseudomonas palleroniana  (see P. fluorescens)
Pseudomonas panacis
Pseudomonas panipatensis
Pseudomonas pelagia *
Pseudomonas peli
Pseudomonas perfectomarina  (see P. stutzeri)
Pseudomonas pertucinogena
Pseudomonas plecoglossicida
Pseudomonas poae
Pseudomonas pohangensis
Pseudomonas proteolytica
Pseudomonas pseudomallei  (moved to Genus Burkholderia)
Pseudomonas psychrophila *
Pseudomonas psychrotolerans
Pseudomonas putida
Pseudomonas reinekei
Pseudomonas resinovorans *
Pseudomonas rhizosphaerae
Pseudomonas rhodesiae
Pseudomonas sabulinigri *
Pseudomonas saccharophila  (moved to Genus Pelomonas)
Pseudomonas salomonii  (see P. fluorescens)
Pseudomonas savastanoi  (see P. syringae)
Pseudomonas segetis
Pseudomonas simiae
Pseudomonas straminea (ochracea)
Pseudomonas stutzeri
Pseudomonas synxanta *
Pseudomonas syringae
Pseudomonas taeanensis *
Pseudomonas taetrolens (graveolens)
Pseudomonas thivervalensis
Pseudomonas taiwanensis *
Pseudomonas thermotolerans *
Pseudomonas tremae
Pseudomonas trivialis
Pseudomonas tolaasii  (see P. fluorescens)
Pseudomonas tuomuerensis
Pseudomonas umsongensis
Pseudomonas vancouverensis *
Pseudomonas veronii
Pseudomonas viridiflava
Pseudomonas vranovensis
Pseudomonas xanthomarina
Pseudomonas xiamenensis
Pseudomonas xinjiangensis *
ABIS online
Gram-negative, straight or curved rods, motile by polar flagella.
Chemoorganotrophic, metabolism respiratory and not fermentative.
Strict aerobes, growth occurs between 4 and 43 ºC. Catalase positive,
oxidase positive (most of them). No nitrogen fixation.
P. aminovorans => Aminobacter aminovorans
P. beijerinckii => Chromohalobacter beijerinckii
P. beteli => Stenotrophomonas maltophilia
P. doudoroffii => Oceanimonas doudoroffii
P. echinoides => Sphingomonas echinoides
P. elongatus => Microbulbifer elongatus
P. hibiscicola => Stenotrophomonas maltophilia
P. huttiensis => Herbaspirillum huttiense
P. indigofera => Vogesella indigofera
P. iners => Marinobacterium georgiense
P. lanceolatus => Curvibacter lanceolatus
P. lemoignei => Paucimonas lemoignei
P. marina => Cobetia marina
P. mephitica => Janthinobacterium lividum
P. mesophilica => Methylobacterium mesophilicum
P. mixta => Telluria mixta
P. nautica => Marinobacter hydrocarbonoclasticus
P. palleronii => Hydrogenophaga palleronii
P. pictorum => Xanthomonas pictorum
P. phenazinium => Paraburkholderia phenazinium
P. pseudoflava => Hydrogenophaga pseudoflava
P. pyrrocinia => Burkholderia pyrrocinia
P. radiora => Methylobacterium radiotolerans
P. rhodos => Methylobacterium rhodinum
P. rubrilineans => Acidovorax avenae
P. rubrisubalbicans => Herbaspirillum rubrisubalbicans
P. spinosa => Malikia spinosa
P. stanieri => Marinobacterium stanieri
P. taeniospiralis => Hydrogenophaga taeniospiralis
P. woodsi => Burkholderia andropogonis
Burkholderia cepacia complex includes
Burkholderia alpina, B. anthina, B.
ambifaria, B. arboris, B.cepacia, B.
cenocepacia, B. diffusa, B. dolosa, B. latens,
B. metallica, B. multivorans, B. phenazinium,
B. pyrrocinia, B. seminalis, B. stabilis, B.  
Genus Burkholderia
Gram-negative, nonfermentative, straight rods with a single
polar flagellum or a tuft of polar flagella (with the exception of
B. mallei, which  is atrichous). Catalase  produced,  oxidase is
variable. Most species grow at 40°C. All can utilize glucose,
glycerol, inositol, galactose, sorbitol & mannitol.
Pseudomonas-related species
Taxonomic changes
(some species are not included in ABIS)

According to Anzai, Kudo & Oyaizu
(1997), the names  Chryseomonas &
Flavimonas are junior subjective
synonyms of Pseudomonas.

According to Youg and Park 2007,
Azotobacter  is a probable late synonym
of Pseudomonas.
* marked species are not included in ABIS
biochemical database
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