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Some users asked how to cite in their studies the Regnum Prokaryotae site or the bacterial
identification software. Here are our suggestions:

Example for site citation:
"Stoica C. Regnum Prokaryotae, http://www.tgw1916.net, accessed on Mar 2012."

Example for ABIS online citation:
"Stoica C., Sorescu I. ABIS online - Advanced Bacterial Identification Software,  
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  2. Mihaela Dumitru, Ionut Sorescu, Mihaela Habeanu, Cristina Tabuc, Lavinia Idriceanu, Stefana
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  3. Mihaela Dumitru, Cristina Tabuc, Stefana Jurcoane. Obtaining a feed additive based of Lactobacillus
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