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Kauffman-White scheme (Salmonella)
Lancefield grouping (Streptococcus)
Molecular 16S rRNA (experimental)
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                                              PLEASE READ THIS FIRST!

  1. Identification results are purely informative and are not intended to be an official
    point of view. Because of the frequent taxonomy changes some bacterial names
    may not comply with the Approved Lists of Bacterial Names. We try to keep up
    with the changes and regularly update the databases.
  2. Metabolic characters of the microorganisms may vary inside the species,
    therefore not fully matching the identification patterns. Do not entirely rely on
    biochemical identification. Check ABIS Encyclopedia for phenotypical and cultural
    characters, ecology and pathogenicity data before making a final decision.
  3. ABIS online is a laboratory tool for bacterial identification and it is open for public
    use. An user or operator name is required for printing out the results. Cookies are
    used for data processing. By using ABIS you agree to above terms and conditions.
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