Family Chromobacteriaceae
Adeolu and Gupta 2013
Aquitalea denitrificans
Aquitalea magnusonii
Aquitalea pelogenes
Gram-negative (but may resist decolorization) cocci or rods, occurring singly but often in
pairs or short chains. Non-motile, non-flagellated (excepting genus Aquaspirillum). Capsules
and fimbriae may be present. Endospores are not present. Oxidase positive and most of them
catalase-positive. Aerobic, facultatively anaerobic. Optimal growth temperature is 32-36 ºC.
* marked species are not included in
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Genus Aquitalea
Lau et al. 2006
Chitinilyticum aquatile
Chitinilyticum litopenaei
Chitiniphilus shinanonensis
Genus Chitiniphilus
Sato et al. 2009
Laribacter hongkongensis
Leeia oryzae
Genus Leeia
Lim et al. 2007
Genus Andreprevotia
Weon et al. 2007
Andreprevotia chitinilytica
Andreprevotia lacus
Genus Aquaspirillum
Hylemon et al. 1973
Genus Chitinibacter
Dong et al. 2015
Chitinibacter alvei
Chitinibacter fontanus
Chitinibacter tainanensis
Genus Chitinilyticum
Chang et al. 2007
Genus Iodobacter
Logan 1989
Iodobacter arcticus
Iodobacter fluviatilis
Iodobacter limnosediminis
Genus Gulbenkiania
Vaz-Moreira et al. 2007
Gulbenkiania indica
Gulbenkiania mobilis
Genus Formivibrio
Tanaka et al. 1991
Formivibrio citricus
Genus Jeongeupia
Yoon et al. 2010
Jeongeupia chitinilytica
Jeongeupia naejangsanensis
Genus Deefgea
Chen et al. 2010
Deefgea chitinilytica
Deefgea rivuli
Genus Chromobacterium
Bergonzini 1880
Genus Laribacter
Yuen et al. 2002
Chromobacterium alkanivorans
Chromobacterium amazonense
Chromobacterium aquaticum
Chromobacterium fluviatile see Iodobacter fluviatilis
Chromobacterium haemolyticum
Chromobacterium piscinae
Chromobacterium pseudoviolaceum
Chromobacterium rhizoryzae
Chromobacterium subtsugae
Chromobacterium vaccinii
Chromobacterium violaceum
Aquaspirillum anulus (moved to Giesbergeria)
Aquaspirillum aquaticum (see Comamonas aquatica)
Aquaspirillum arcticum
Aquaspirillum autotrophicum (moved to Herbaspirillum)
Aquaspirillum bengal (see Aquaspirillum serpens)
Aquaspirillum delicatum (moved to Curvibacter)
Aquaspirillum fasciculus (see Prolinoborus fasciculus)
Aquaspirillum dispar (see Microvirgula aerodenitrificans
Aquaspirillum giesbergeri (moved to Giesbergeria
Aquaspirillum gracile (moved to Hylemonella)
Aquaspirillum itersonii (moved to Novispirillum)
Aquaspirillum magnetotacticum (moved to Magnetospirillum)
Aquaspirillum metamorphum (moved to Simplicispira)
Aquaspirillum peregrinum (moved to Insolitispirillum)
Aquaspirillum polymorphum
Aquaspirillum psychrophilum (moved to Simplicispira)
Aquaspirillum putridiconchylium
Aquaspirillum serpens
Aquaspirillum sinuosum (moved to Giesbergeria)

According to Willems et al. 1991,
Aquaspirillum aquaticum Hylemon et al.
1973 (Approved Lists 1980) and
Comamonas terrigena (ex Hugh 1962)
De Vos et al. 1985 should be regarded
as a single species.

Ding et al. 2004 proposed
(Leifson 1962) Hylemon et al.
1973 to be transferred in Genus
Curvibacter as
Curvibacter delicatus.

According to Cleenwerck et al. 2003,
Aquaspirillum dispar
Hylemon et al.
1973 (Approved Lists 1980) and
Microvirgula aerodenitrificans Patureau
et al. 1998 are heterotypic synonyms.

According to Boivin et al. 1985,
Aquaspirillum bengal Kumar et al. 1974  
is a later heterotypic synonym of  
Aquaspirillum serpens (Müller 1786)
Hylemon et al. 1973
Genus Microvirgula
Patureau et al. 1998
Microvirgula aerodenitrificans (Aquaspirillum dispar)
Microvirgula curvata * (require update)
Genus Paludibacterium
Kwon et al. 2008
Paludibacterium paludis
Paludibacterium purpuratum
Paludibacterium yongneupense
Genus Pseudogulbenkiania
Lin et al. 2008
Pseudogulbenkiania gefcensis
Pseudogulbenkiania subflava
Genus Silvimonas
Yang et al. 2005
Silvimonas amylolytica
Silvimonas iriomotensis
Silvimonas terrae
Genus Vogesella
Grimes et al. 1997
Vogesella alkaliphila
Vogesella amnigena
Vogesella facilis
Vogesella fluminis
Vogesella indigofera
Vogesella lacus
Vogesella mureinivorans
Vogesella perlucida