Genus Achromobacter
Yabuuchi and Yano 1981
Gram-negative, straight rods with rounded ends. Nonsporeforming. Motile
with 1-20 peritrichous flagella. Obligately aerobic and nonfermentative.
Oxidase and catalase positive. Nonhalophilic, nonhemolytic, and
nonpigmented. Carbohydrates usually are not utilized. Urease, DNase,
phenylalanine deaminase, lysine and ornithine decarboxylase, arginine
dihydrolase, and gelatinase negative. Isolated from water, soil; clinical
samples and hospital environment
(c) Costin Stoica
Culture media
Biochemical tests
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Species included in
Genus Tetrathiobacter
Ghosh et al. 2005 were
moved to genus
Advenella Coenye et al.
* marked species are not included
in ABIS biochemical database
ABIS online
Family Alcaligenaceae
De Ley et al. 1986
Achromobacter aegrifaciens
Achromobacter agilis
Achromobacter animicus
Achromobacter anxifer
Achromobacter deleyi
Achromobacter denitrificans
Achromobacter dolens
Achromobacter insolitus
Achromobacter insuavis
Achromobacter kerstersii
Achromobacter marplatensis
Achromobacter mucicolens
Achromobacter piechaudii
Achromobacter pestifer
Achromobacter pulmonis
Achromobacter ruhlandii
Achromobacter sediminum moved to Verticiella
Achromobacter spanius
Achromobacter spiritinus
Achromobacter xylosoxidans
Genus Advenella
Coenye et al. 2005
Advenella alkanexedens
Advenella faeciporci
Advenella incenata
Advenella kashmirensis
Advenella mimigardefordensis
Genus Alcaligenes
Castellani and Chalmers 1919
Alcaligenes aestus (moved to Halomonas)
Alcaligenes aquamarinus (moved to Halomonas)
Alcaligenes aquatilis
Alcaligenes cupidus (moved to Halomonas)
Alcaligenes defragrans (moved to Castellaniella)
Alcaligenes denitrificans (see Achromobacter xylosoxidans)
Alcaligenes endophyticus
Alcaligenes eutrophus (moved to Cupriavidus)
Alcaligenes faecalis subsp. faecalis
Alcaligenes faecalis subsp. parafaecalis
Alcaligenes faecalis subsp. phenolicus
Alcaligenes latus (moved to Azohydromonas)
Alcaligenes pacificus (moved to Halomonas)
Alcaligenes pakistanensis
Alcaligenes paradoxus (moved to Variovorax)
Alcaligenes piechaudii (see Achromobacter piechaudii)
Alcaligenes ruhlandii (see Achromobacter ruhlandii)
Alcaligenes venustus (moved to Halomonas)
Alcaligenes xylosoxidans (moved to Achromobacter)
Genus Azohydromonas
Xie and Yokota 2005
Azohydromonas australica
Azohydromonas lata
Azohydromonas riparia
Azohydromonas ureilytica
Genus Brackiella
Willems et al. 2002
Brackiella oedipodis
Genus Bordetella
Moreno-Lopez 1952
Genus Castellaniella
Kampfer et al. 2006
Genus Derxia
Jensen et al. 1960
Derxia gummosa
Derxia lacustris
Gram-negative, rods or coccobacilli. Nonsporeforming. Motile with 1-9
peritrichous flagella. Obligately aerobic, some strains are capable of
anaerobic respirationin the presence of nitrate or nitrite. Optimal growth
temperature is 20-37 ºC. Nonpigmented. Oxidase and catalase positive.
indole not produced. Chemoorganotrophic, using a variety of organic
acids and aminoacids as carbon sources. Isolated from water, soil, and
clinical specimens, and clorhexidine.
Genus Candidimonas
Vaz-Moreira et al. 2011
Candidimonas bauzanensis
Candidimonas humi
Candidimonas nitroreducens
Castellaniella caeni
Castellaniella daejeonensis
Castellaniella defragrans
Castellaniella denitrificans
Castellaniella fermenti
Castellaniella ginsengisoli
Castellaniella hirudinis
Genus Eoetvoesia
Felföldi et al. 2014
Eoetvoesia caeni
Genus Kerstersia
Coenye et al. 2003
Kerstersia gyiorum
Kerstersia similis
Genus Oligella
Segers et al. 1993
Genus Paenalcaligenes
Kampfer et al. 2010
Paenalcaligenes hermetiae
Paenalcaligenes hominis
Paenalcaligenes suwonensis
Genus Paralcaligenes
Kim et al. 2011
Paralcaligenes ureilyticus
Genus Parapusillimonas
Kim et al. 2010
Parapusillimonas granuli
Genus Pelistega
Vandamme et al. 1998
Pelistega europaea
Pelistega indica
Pelistega suis
Genus Pigmentiphaga
Blumel et al. 2001
Pigmentiphaga aceris
Pigmentiphaga daeguensis
Pigmentiphaga kullae
Pigmentiphaga litoralis
Pigmentiphaga soli
Genus Pusillimonas
Stolz et al. 2005
Pusillimonas caeni
Pusillimonas ginsengisoli
Pusillimonas harenae
Pusillimonas noertemannii
Pusillimonas soli
Genus Taylorella
Sugimoto et al. 1984
Taylorella asinigenitalis
Taylorella equigenitalis
Genus Verticia
Vandamme et al. 2015
Verticia sediminum
Gram-negative coccobacilli, often bipolar stained. Nonsporeforming.
Nonmotile or motile byperitrichous flagella. Strictly aerobic. Optimal
temperature, 35-37 ºC. Colonies on Bordet–Gengou medium are smooth,
convex, pearly, glistening, transparent, and surrounded by diffusse
hemolysis. Found in respiratory tract.